Bang Extensions

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Top Five Things to Consider when Getting Bang Extensions

Hair and bang extensions are fast becoming the trend for women who love to look good but do not have time to do so. In Hollywood and all over the place, women are quickly becoming more accustomed to wearing bang extensions particularly because they can jazz up an ordinary hairstyle any day of the week. Buying your own bang extensions is quite similar to going to the hairdresser to have a hairstyle with bangsā€”and so different in so many ways also. There are things to consider before your purchase bang extensions.

1. Your hair type. Some bang styles are more appropriate for volume-rich hair because they provide the illusion that the hair is thinner. On the other hand, there are also styles that provide body to hair that is naturally flat and sleek.

2. Your hair texture. Most styles of bangs go well with sleek and straight hair. The problem lies in those who have naturally kinky or curly hair and for hair with a lot of waves. It does not mean, however, that there are no bang styles appropriate for curly or wavy tresses. You just have to be more patient in looking for the right extensions.

3. Length of the bangs. Short bangs, otherwise known as baby bangs, can look wrong if you do not choose the right cut for your type of hair. Longer bangs are easier to manage and let blend into the entire hairstyle.

4. Hair condition. Using bang extensions can cause more breakage to already damaged hair. If you are prone to going to the salon to have your hair chemically treated, or if you use curling or flat irons often, your hair may not hold up to having tight extensions clipped to the roots.

5. The shape of your face. Bangs are not there simply to be there. They should serve to flatter an already beautiful face. The shape of your face certainly weighs in a lot when it comes to choosing the style of your bangs. Long and oblong face shapes can certainly do well with classic, blunt bangs that give an illusion of roundness, while round, square, heart-shaped, and triangle faces can be framed with a curtain of wispy, side-swept bangs.

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